Tue. Apr 22, 2008 Squaredance
One of the longest standing traditions here at Pickathon, the Fabulous Friday Night Squaredance! Really the anchor for Friday night, and in the first few years it was the only show that Friday had to offer. Being that Portland was in the running for the "old-time revival" capital of the world we felt it suiting to highlight the dance and players from the local scene. Ten years later we have seen it all, and now the crowds promenade in unison with over 400 at a time. Local caller (and guru) Bill Martin has been the voice, and the band has rotated from Foghorn to Government Issue Orchestra to the Tallboys, in no particular order.
Well 2008 is really something special, and 10 years only comes once.....so this year we are working towards the ultimate squaredance blowout. For the first time we are having the core of the band comprised of players not from Portland - Trevor and Travis Stuart will lead, and joining them will be Martha Scanlan plus several other "friends". You will likely recognize the Stuart Brothers from the past two years with Martha as her band and on their own with old-time workshops in the Gallery Barn. This will be unforgettable, and promising to be the hottest old-time shakedown this side of the continental divide.
Here's a taste, and to picture it at the dance just imagine 3-4x the speed, plus a few other players on stage.
Martha Scanlan - Get Right Church (Pickathon 2007)




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