Possibly a lost phrase, a mis-understood definition, or a sound in time we have forgotten. An ongoing debate of definition...what is Country Music in this day and age? Would it be the polished Nashville sound that succeeded the Western day and age? Does the sound need to go hand-in-hand with the Range, Rodeos, Cowboys, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson..and even John Denver? Yet another definition that cannot be pegged, and better for a proper elaboration.

Country music is Heart and Soul worn on a sleeve. It is Honest and Observant. Pickathon has tried to help define, and with our best shot will build a bridge from one sound to the next.

Today we will look at two featured Pickathon 2007 artists : Dale Watson and The Handsome Family. Both different by the sounds and song topics, but also both uniquely wedged together for their observance of Modern Rural Lore. Dale is a long-time Austin, TX resident,The Handsome Family call Albuquerque, New Mexico their home. A mere 700 miles separate the two as the crow flies.
Food for thought I guess.

Here's your fix :

Dale Watson and Band performing "From the Cradle to the Grave" from his Upcoming Spring 2007 Release "From the Cradle to the Grave".

The Handsome Family Video of "Your Great Journey" from their 2006 release "Last Days of Wonder"

More on Dale can be found both on his web : dalewatson.com and in a recent flick on his life "Crazy Again".

The Handsome Family have appeared in several movies throughout the years (Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus is a good hour and half worth of time). Also Rennie (who writes lyrics for all HF material) has an outstanding blog on their web : handsomefamily.com

My fondness for both this new "updates section" and the bands for this years Pickathon are only modestly expressed in text.

Here's another....consider it a bonus :
The Handsome Family "My Sister's Tiny Hand" from the movie "Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus"



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