Mon. Dec 27, 2010 Langhorne Slim, New Years Eve, Mission Theater, and the first ever Flickathon.
By Pickathon  
Langhorne Slim will be ringing in the New Year at Mission Theater in Portland this year and everyone here at Pickathon wants to make sure you're aware of this. Having seen Langhorne Slim and the Law live on a consistent basis and having had him bring (and burn) it down time after time at Pickathon, it's easy to guess that this could be a life altering experience. There are numerous tales of Langhorne lore from Pickathons of the past that we can pull from to help us imagine... Way too may amens in the Galaxy Barn, way too much blood on the banjo at the Woods Stage, way too many people up on stage dancing... Langhorne brings us all to a frenzy and that's just want many of us will need to help shake loose what still might be clinging on from 2010. Tickets and show info is all at the McMenamins website. Come celebrate as we start the countdown for 2011 Pickathon!

In other related news... The above video of Cinderella is part of an amazing cache of video footage that Pickathon will be featuring at a one time showing during this years Flickathon at the Mission Theater on January 28 and 29. These special one-off screenings will feature a mix of footage from the Mountain View, Fir Meadows, and Woods Stages. Seriously, it's amazing stuff and 100% of the profits from Flickathon (as part of Benefest) goes to Buckman Elementary and Portland Schools Foundation.



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