AUGUST 1, 2, 3 . 2014 . Happy Valley, Oregon







     Wed. Aug 03, 2011
Last call for ticket transfers! 24 hours left for advance tickets!
By Pickathon   Howdy from the great Pickathon site build! The weather is glorious and there's movement all around the farm. Big time fun is right around the corner.

This is final call for any and all ticket transfers. IF you are someone who is transferring, selling, giving, trading, etc ... any tickets, and want to get your tickets shuffled in due time -- YOU HAVE UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT -- to get those names swapped and have them tickets show up correctly at the gate.

And just so you know ... We're in the fourth quarter for Advance Tickets with the final hour coming up quick at Noon on Thursday. After Noon on Thursday , what tickets remain will be made available at the gate. Buy tickets today and save the $10.

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Pickathon tickets are now only available at the gate
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