Tue. Apr 10, 2012 Single Day Tickets, Not Available Until July
By Pickathon   Let's talk about Single Day Tickets:

You've wondered how to make it to Pickathon for just one day and can't find Single Day Tickets on the Pickathon Tickets page?

Well, you're not alone. Recently we've received several emails wondering about the availability of Single Day Tickets for 2012 Pickathon. Where, how much, and when will they be made available...

The short answer is this:

There are currently only Weekend Tickets available for 2012 Pickathon. IF all Weekend Tickets do not sell out prior to July, then at that time we will be able to make available a small batch of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Only Tickets.

Concerned? Maybe question your Single Day thinking and go for the full-meal-deal with picking up Weekend Tickets today. We are most certain that you will not regret the extra time spent while taking in the full weekend experience.

A side note:

Who out there has been able to catch The Barr Brothers while out on tour this month? Amazing-Amazing live band that deserves every crush they create. By all accounts (from several sources), one of the best live shows in Portland this year. We very much look forward to seeing them again. Curious? Check their new video for Old Mythologies right here.

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