Robert Ellis
Tue. Jul 10, 2012 Only 21 days left for ordering your Pickathon Tickets online! Saturday Single Day Tickets Sold Out!
By Pickathon   Summer rolls on... and now we've finally made it around a huge corner and survived the Fourth...

Coming right up is this years Pickathon!

Tickets have been selling steady and we're officially home-stretching it with a dash to the finish line.

Weekend Tickets are available, but not too many remain..

Friday and Sunday Single Day Tickets are available, but not too many remain...

Saturday Single Day Tickets are 100% Sold Out!

Only 21 days remain for online orders, beyond that there is no guarantee that any Pickathon Tickets will be available at the gate.

Coming to Pickathon?

Get your Tickets ASAP.

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It's Friday the 13th at Pickathon
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2012 Pickathon Stage Schedules, Kid-Friendly Activities, and Portland Playhouse presents Twelfth Night.

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