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Thu. Aug 23, 2012 Thanks for a wonderful Pickathon XIV, now tell us what you really think
By Pickathon   First we want to give a big thank you to everyone as Pickathon 2012 was a huge success.

Magic seemed to blossom everywhere during the weekend, and the post festival cultural wake was felt far and wide.

We fundamentally realize that Pickathon is truly a group effort that involves the audience, musicians, staff, and vendors all working together to create something incredibly special and rare in the world of music festivals.

We also realize that year to year our challenges are different from other music festivals and thus we love to start off our post Pickathon blogs with a chance to collect your feedback on how we did and how you want us to proceed going forward.

Over the next days and weeks we will present some of the specific areas we want to share our thoughts as well as hear yours too (and we apologize for the possible overuse of sustainable as it is a word we like to sling around a lot).
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