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Tim LaBarge

     Wed. Feb 27, 2013
The Great Pickathon Circus Camp
By Pickathon   "We're heading up to Pickathon and going back to Circus Camp..."

Pickathon alumni Circus Cascadia are returning in 2013 and will once again provide a full weekend of their ever-evolving, always entertaining, non-stop Circus Camps.

An annual favorite for kids and adults alike, and for good reason... Where else can you walk on stilts, balance on giant balls, and train to be apart of the Greatest Show On Earth! In fact I distinctly remember UK band Kitty, Daisy & Lewis spending most of a day on the circus court, training hard and aspiring for circus greatness at last years festival.

This is just one of the many-many reasons why Pickathon is a great festival for the entire family, and one of the many all-day activities that you can look forward to in 2013.

We have a lot planned for all of our Pickathon-Jr's out there... Stay tuned and we'll keep rolling out the good news!
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