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John Keel

     Tue. Apr 02, 2013
Pure Bathing Culture give a glimpse of what the future holds
By Pickathon   Off of the 2012 EP from Pure Bathing Culture, this video for Ivory Coast gives us as human beings a lot to consider... Guitar Induced Crushes, Trailer Park Romance, Overnight Alien Pregnancies, Oregon Scenery, Hologram Sharks, Saturns Return, and.. Dan Hindman in a wetsuit. Makes you think about things doesn't it? Video directed by Sean Pecknold with the song produced by Richard Swift.

The core sound and vibe of Pure Bathing Culture is the combination of catchy songwriting, guitar work, and vocals of Portland couple Sara Versprille and Dan Hindman. This past February they've just wrapped up the recording portion of their upcoming LP, recorded and produced again with Richard Swift. Release date and label are all unknown to us at this time. We do know however, that we're not alone when saying that we are really looking forward to their next release.

See them at Pickathon on both Friday and Saturday of this years festival.
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