Photo: Dylan VanWeelden
Thu. Apr 18, 2013 Vieux Farka Toure makes his way to Pickathon
By Pickathon   When we first got word last spring that Vieux Farka Touré was going to have to cancel their 2012 Pickathon appearance, we were heartbroken. The pain was twofold.. First we felt a great deal of sympathy for Vieux, his family, and the peace keeping individuals in his homeland of Mali. Knowing that they were going trough a hostile and dangerous time make our problems seem imaginary. Sure, we were disappointed to lose him as part of the lineup, but we knew he'd be back...

So here we are, exactly one year later and Vieux Farka Touré and his 'power trio' are ready to make this years Pickathon a special experience.

Although very little information is currently available on this, we do know that a new record is complete and set for a tent. May 2013 release date. The only description available is on the Vieux Farka Touré facebook, which describes it as 'solo'. So we can guess this means more focus on traditional Malian blues?

We are looking forward to the new album and anticipate seeing these songs live while they are with us at Pendarvis Farm.
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