Photo by Liz Devine
Woods Series: Palehound

The Sunday brunch hour at Pendarvis Farm has a unique vibe to it. The majority of folks aren’t fully caffeinated yet. Maybe even more still haven’t yet eaten breakfast. Some are still lingering in tents and hammocks, trying to catch some last bits of rest before officially getting up for the day. Sunday of Pickathon […]

Spoken Series: Ally Harris

Ally Harris shares Casualty (Bloodsucker) in this latest episode of the Spoken Series. Delve into more spoken word on our YouTube channel. The Spoken Series is curated by Neal Morgan and filmed by Kristen Mico at the beautiful Pendarvis Farm.  

Edge Series: Futurebirds

At first glance, you might think this song is about an olive grove. But Futurebirds are actually referring to the chain restaurant in their song, Olive Garden Daydream #47. See and hear for yourself what significance The Olive Garden seems to hold for this Athens-based indie rock band. This video is yet another exclusive session […]

Ingredients Series: Ate-Oh-Ate

This month’s Ingredients Series episode features Ate-Oh-Ate. Ben Dyer, co-owner and a native to Hawaii, shares their approach to hawaiian-style food: A family affair preparing and serving Ono (delicious) food with a fun vibe. Even if you haven’t eaten at Ate-Oh-Ate yet, there’s a good chance you’ve had something else from this trio of owners. […]

Treeline Series: Moon Duo

This one may take your Valentine’s ‘Netflix and chill’ plans to a whole new level. If you stare at Moon Duo guitarist Ripley Johnson’s beard long enough, you might find a heart. But then that means you wouldn’t be staring into your honey’s eyes. The Treeline Series is filmed at the beautiful Pendarvis Farm. The […]

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