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Posted on 2010-07-27 00:00:00 by Pickathon

The 2010 Pickathon Vendor Menu

It's time to plan your meals and see what's in store for the edibles out at Pendarvis Farm this year at Pickathon. A glorious mix of local and regional foodies that will make your mouth water. We've got it all covered and here's what's in store.


We'll easily break this down by two main categories:
Who's returing?
Who's new?

Returning: Al Forno Ferruzza, Gaining Ground Farm, The Grove, Thai Noon, Fifty Licks Handmade Ice Cream, Zuppa Soups, Toast, and Sol Pops.

New: Pine State Biscuits, Spunky Monkey Coffee, Violetta, The Whole Bowl, Ali Baba's Tribal Treats, and the Kruger Farm Corn Roaster.

Quick! Take a good look at what's available as we are beyond excited and want to help with the planning of your meals while at Pickathon. Veggie, Vegan, and Gluten Free options are noted when available alongside vendor hours listed when open. Don't worry... there's also an amazing array of meat selections too.

One step further, we are pushing for folks to do all they can to limit waste on the individual basis. A simple way to help with this is to bring your own plates, bowls, cups, and utensils whenever possible. We will have available rinsing, washing and food composting stations to help folks that are interested in the effort of bringing their own and reusing as much as possible. This is a huge help in many ways...

Keep up with the blog as we've got a lot of info starting to overflow and look to make it the best one yet.

See you in 10 days!

Photo: Pickathon

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I lost my wedding band ring on the first day of the pickathon probably near the wash stations. It was white gold on the top and bottom with leaves in yellow gold carved into the center. please call 503-919-0284 if you found it or have info. also to the Pendarvis family can I bring a metal detector to look for it???

2010-08-06 13:23:01

are the vendors hours listed on the full menu valid at the pickaton? or is that their normal business hours, anyoine?

2010-08-02 21:23:22

Yes, I've been thinking about those hot dogs that Gaining Ground Farm serves up all year!

2010-07-31 12:26:16

Thank you! So wonderful to have some allergen listings on these menus. My husband will NOT for once have to subsist on crummy snacks from home while the rest of us enjoy better.

2010-07-28 16:13:42

ahh!!! 10 days. I'm stoked. i will brimg my own water/beer bottle,bowl and spoon.thanks for organizing an event that supports people's individual choice to reduce waste!

2010-07-28 12:58:31

I wonder if the lines for Pine State Biscuits will be like they are in town- probably more so!! Im so excited to finally be able to try the Reggie! Funny thing too, my friend and I were talking just last night about making our own maple bacon ice cream.....dreams do come true! LOL

2010-07-27 20:21:50

what a great vendor lineup! can not wait!!

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