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Posted on 2010-09-15 00:00:00 by Pickathon

Why do we Reuse, Compost, and Recycle at Pickathon?

Well, it's an easy answer after this years clear winner with the debut of reusable stainless steel cups, processing of consumer composts, and the elimination of single-use plastic water bottles.

We figured our overall impact on the landfill with a per person calculation. A legitimate comparison was needed so we decided that using 2009 as the control for this experiment would be accurate enough given the new efforts in 2010 (stainless steel cups, compost, no plastic bottles).

*On a per person basis, with 50% growth of attendees from 2009-2010, the amount of TOTAL WASTE (including recyclable, compostable, and non-recoverable items) dropped by 22%.

*The amount of GARBAGE (non-recyclable/compostable) generated per person dropped by 16%.

*The amount of RECYCLING/COMPOST generated per person dropped by 27%.

The stainless steel cups turned out to be the biggest reducer of overall waste with the elimination of plastic water bottles coming in a close second. Composting will lead to future changes as we continue to refine the process in order to encourage understanding and promote its ease. Essentially we inspire to a virtually waste-free Pickathon for many years to come, with 2010 proving that we are well on our way.

There were several folks involved in helping make this dream a reality, so we'd like to thank them all: Jake Hofeld and the 2010 Pickathon Recycling Crew, The Brew Crew, 2010 Vendors, Klean Kanteen, New Seasons Market, Clackamas County Office of Sustainability, Hoodview Disposal & Recycling, and of course YOU. Thanks folks, we made it a clear winner and brought a lot of worthy attention to a really big idea that we cannot wait to improve for the future.

Stay tuned!... 2011 Pickathon date announcement is just around the corner.

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2010-10-01 15:32:36

Is there a way to get some more of the cups from this year's festival? I would like to get a few of them for some folks that were not able to return this year. Thanks

2010-09-17 08:44:45

Howdy. Wanting to help answer the above questions: Reusables: This should not have been the case with our vendors, and really sorry that was the experience you encountered. For 2011 our vision is to be 100% reusable in the vending area, which ultimately means lots and lots of dishes...but at least no single-use plates, cups, bowls, utensils, etc.. Consider it phase 2 of what we did with the cups in 2010. For the schedule: We actually printed far, far less this year - in fact, 500 total for the entire population at Pickathon. We're working on making that a better situation, which essentially would involve NO printed schedules - with more reliance on the several (10 total in 2010) Large Maps and Schedules that were posted around Pendarvis Farm. We'll improve this, yes indeed - we'll improve this. Thanks for the feedback! Things get better and more advanced with each passing year and thanks to all of you who do their part. It shows.

2010-09-15 14:54:16
I love that! However, one thing that I didn't like was how the schedules were printed this year. In 2009, we got the entire weekend printed on ONE piece of paper, but this year, it was a new piece of paper for each day! Doesn't that triple the amount of Pickathon schedules printed?? I think that next year you guys should print everything on one piece of paper...even if it does mean typing it all in super small print!

2010-09-15 14:15:24
We here at the farm cannot thank y'all enough for being such wonderful, clean and considerate guests! This year, despite the growth of the population, we are finding LESS micro trash than in previous years! Kleen Kanteen ROCKS. thankyou, thankyou for helping us keep the forest and farm pristine.

2010-09-15 10:18:44

Loved the new practices this year. It felt wonderful to participate in an event that was so clearly dedicated to minimizing its impact. One note regarding food vendors: I brought my own metal plates/bowls for food from the vendors and was told more than once that I'd receive a larger serving if I used their disposable/compostable plates/bowls. I reiterated that I wanted to use my own bowl, and suggested they could reduce the price (by 50 cents or a dollar) for the smaller amount. Not one vendor agreed to drop the price for a smaller portion in my own metal bowl/plate, but were strongly encouraging me to use their own disposable dishware. Not exactly an economic motivation to use your own.

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