Photo: Tim LaBarge
Fri. Jul 19, 2013 Transforming Pendarvia into Pickathon
By Pickathon   As we end our first week of the epic site build that is ahead, it felt like a necessary time to get everyone rallied and ready for the big two-week countdown ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Zale Schoenborn
Fri. Jul 19, 2013 The Galaxy Barn is patiently awaiting your arrival.
By Pickathon   It was a beautiful sunset on the farm last night.

All the important elements of a musical paradise are coming together nicely ...

Photo: Tim LaBarge
Thu. Jul 18, 2013 Two Weeks Away... Here Is A Pickathon 2013 Ticket Availability Update
By Pickathon   Good Morning!

Here is a quick update on Ticket availability for Pickathon 2013... Will we see you there? We sure hope so!

As of right now there are still a few pre-gate  READ MORE  

Photo: Tim LaBarge
Wed. Jul 17, 2013 The first piece of truss is in the air!
By Pickathon   It was just a matter of time before it happened.

On Monday we had the rope, truss, and heavy equipment delivered and today we happy to announce that the first piece of truss (out of many to come) has been officially raised high into the air ...

Photo: Zale Schoenborn
Wed. Jul 17, 2013 Behold! A new masterpiece to debut at Pickathon.
By Pickathon   This year we are lucky to be able to debut a beautiful piece of functional bamboo artwork which you will walk through as come into the festival from the weekend car parking lot ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Tim LaBarge
Tue. Jul 16, 2013 The setup action at Pendarvis Farm has started!
By Pickathon   Over the next two and a half weeks we will be regularly posting photos and stories documenting the setup at Pendarvis Farm.

All of this is leading up to unleashing a musical alternate reality weekend that hopefully, you have already bought your tickets to experience firsthand ...

Photo: Keith Novosel
Thu. Jul 11, 2013 Announcing The Kids! At Pickathon 2013 Collaborations!
By Pickathon   Lets just face the facts, sometimes it's just not any fun attempting to bring the kids out to your favorite 3-day music festival ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Keith Novosel
Tue. Jul 09, 2013 Pickathon Food and Drink Menus have arrived!
By Pickathon   Craft Food and Beverage Purveyors Rejoice!

Once again, we are lucky to have such an amazing mix of 'all-Oregon' heavy-hitters joining us at this years Pickathon ...

Photo: Tim LaBarge
Tue. Jul 02, 2013 Order Your Tickets Online Before July 31st! (And Save A Little Cash) + What To Drink While At Pickathon?
By Pickathon   It's here! The month of July that we've all been waiting for...finally! With July now underway and Summer in full swing, we've officially entered the eye of the storm ...  READ MORE  

Wed. Jun 26, 2013 Find all Pickathon 2013 Artists' + Past Pickathon Releases at one super convenient location on iTunes!
By Pickathon   Since its inception, Pickathon has been on a mission to bring together the best music for audiences to experience in a spectacular setting ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Christopher Onstott
Wed. Jun 19, 2013 We strongly encourage bringing the kids to Pickathon
By Pickathon   One of the aspects that people feel is unique to Pickathon is how accessible the festival can be for families.

We are reminded of this each year as we begin putting the final touches on the kids schedule ...

Photo: Leah Nash
Tue. Jun 18, 2013 Less than 45 days until Pickathon 2013... Have you made your plans?
By Pickathon   It has been nearly a full year and once again we've found ourselves with less than 45 days to go until the official start of this years Pickathon ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Liz Devine
Fri. Jun 14, 2013 Being Sustainable At Pickathon 2013
By Pickathon   Let's first talk about waste shall we?

Fact: The average weekend festival-goer at Pickathon 2013 will generate less than 1 ...

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