Photo: Brud Giles
Thu. Oct 29, 2015 Fall 2015 Season Premiere
By Pickathon   Today, we are kicking off our fall season with the premiere of brand new episodes across TWELVE UNIQUE PICKATHON CHANNELS

We'll have four new episodes every week through February 2016 so you can relive performances from the festival ...

Photo: Tim LaBarge
Thu. Oct 08, 2015 Pickathon 2015 Survey
By Pickathon   We want your feedback in order to help us make 2016 the best year yet! Fill out this quick survey and tell us all about your Pickathon 2015 experience ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Tim LaBarge
Wed. Oct 07, 2015 Pickathon 2016 Dates Are Here!
By Pickathon   Mark your calendars as today we're pleased to officially announce that we will be seeing y'all back at Pendarvis Farm next summer for our 18th annual festival on August 5-7th, 2016!

Expect to hear more news closer to the beginning of the new year as we will be selling tickets much earlier than we did in 2015 ...

Photo: Dylan VanWeelden
Tue. Sep 01, 2015 2015 Waste Summary
By Pickathon   Thanks to the help of volunteers and everyone who attended Pickathon, we've recycled and composted like no other festival. From using  READ MORE  

Photo: Brud Giles
Tue. Aug 25, 2015 Stage Manager Thank You's
By Pickathon   At Pickathon, we have a small team who makes sure that artists and farm friends have the times of their lives. This is why we're thanking our stage managers who worked all weekend long ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Todd Cooper
Tue. Aug 18, 2015 Galaxy Barn Thank You's
By Pickathon   As part of our stage specific thank you's, we're highlighting the folks who helped run the show in the Galaxy Barn.

Thank you Gavin Pursinger, Marshall Pursinger, Steve Liddicoat, Rich Holt, and Kevin Cosgrove from Red Carpet Audio for making sure that every set sounded perfect ...

Photo: Katie Summer
Fri. Aug 14, 2015 Starlight Stage Thank You's
By Pickathon   Without the help of these Pickathon family members, we wouldn't have been able to see Tinariwen or Thundercat totally rock out on the Starlight Stage - home of all late night shows for every age ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Tim LaBarge
Thu. Aug 13, 2015 Treeline Stage Thank You's
By Pickathon   For the past three years, the Treeline Stage has been evolving thanks to the creative work of all these fine folks.

Thank you Clive Knights and Travis Bell from  READ MORE  

Photo: Dylan VanWeelden
Wed. Aug 12, 2015 Mountain Stage Thank You's
By Pickathon   We had such great memories on the Mountain Stage this year, that we had to thank the incredible folks who worked nonstop.

Thank you  READ MORE  

Photo: Nehemiah Sliwoski
Tue. Aug 11, 2015 Lucky Barn Thank You's
By Pickathon   Next up on our stage specific thank you's is the Lucky Barn. This is where artists not only perform intimate sessions but also get a chance to talk about their music with the audience ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Autumn Andel
Mon. Aug 10, 2015 Meadow Stage Thank You's
By Pickathon   The Meadow Stage would not be the same without the help of these important Pickathon family members.

Thanks to the work of Mike Dunn and Craig See, the Meadow Stage had an epic wooden sign that made the stage unique ...

Photo: Sara Vandepas
Fri. Aug 07, 2015 Woods Stage Thank You's
By Pickathon   We'd like to dedicate thank you's to the people who helped make each stage extra special.

Thank you  READ MORE  

Photo: Rob Kerr
Mon. Aug 03, 2015 THANKS, Y'ALL!
By Pickathon   We're all a little tired and dusty this Monday, but wouldn't be here without all your love and 17 years of support. Thank you to each and every fan, attendee, guest, band, artist, sound/light/video crew member, volunteer, vendor, media person, designer, site decorator (like  READ MORE  

Photo: Autumn Andel
Sun. Aug 02, 2015 Wellness at Pickathon
By Pickathon   We want you to feel your best during Pickathon. So here on the farm, we've got free water available in multiple locations on site, yoga classes specifically geared for both kids and adults, and showers, massages, and acupuncture tables available near the Treeline Stage ...  READ MORE  

Photo: Brud Giles
Tue. Jul 28, 2015 Pickathon Live Stream Schedule
By Pickathon   There are just TWO DAYS LEFT to buy your Pickathon weekend passes online! But if you can't make it to Pendarvis Farm this year, we've got you covered ...  READ MORE  

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