AUGUST 1, 2, 3 . 2014 . Happy Valley, Oregon



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It's well known that honky tonk and Cajun music share a past-the South is infamous for the musical cross-pollination that gave birth to some of America's greatest musical traditions. There are Cajun songs that come from country songs and there are country songs that come from Cajun songs. Bands had to be versatile enough to play the popular tunes for the day and it was not uncommon to hear a good deal of honky tonk music in a Cajun dancehall. This dynamic new group harkens back to the sound of the pre-World War II era and breathes new life into the American roots music scene.



Fiddler Joel Savoy has been a driving force in the Cajun renaissance of the new millennium; founder of the multi-GRAMMY-nominated label Valcour Records and the acclaimed Red Stick Ramblers, Savoy is equally at home playing the old twin-fiddling of Cajun masters like Dennis McGee as he is playing swing or honky tonk


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