AUGUST 1, 2, 3 . 2014 . Happy Valley, Oregon



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WATCH Oh My Stars (w/ Michael Hurley)
Though they sometimes claim to be from a place called Yazoo there is no denying the mossy side to the Cardboard Songsters at home in Portland Oregon. Entertaining all ages by animating strange old songs with giant cardboard props.



I first saw them performing by a vegetable stand and was instantly charmed by their raw and homemade style. I caught the last song of their set about "Ice Worms", and learned a bit about Tesla and the Solar System from the educational section of their guitar case. I then followed them to their bohemian loft on the fringe of china town trying to put a finger on this makeshift and unusual world.



I asked Felix "the bat" Hatfield, Director / Musicianeer and light bulb in chief, what kind of music they played exactly? He simply said while wiping a paintbrush clean in the armpit of his t-shirt, hopelessly trying to hide the paint leaving what looked like the rainbow legs of a muddy spider peering out, "We play Folk Art"


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