Cardboard Songsters updates: 2013-03-20 00:00:00
Rain on Wednesday, Cardboard Songsters on Saturday.

If you stick a piece of cabbage under your hat, How long will it take to make sauerkraut? One of many zany questions that developed after witnessing the last two years of the Cardboard Songsters Saturday Morning Cartoon show! Let's take you back in time...

It was Saturday morning! A magical mist rose from the Pendarvis fields as cardboard Birds sang in the yawning trees. Kids and parents gathered snuggling around the Woods stage, curious as to what mysteries lie behind its royally ragged curtains. They politely kept a hush as a cello cast a spell on the breeze. Painted birds slowly flew in from all directions. A man with an old hat and guitar stood on a hay bail and started to sing, the show had begun...

It was educative and entertaining! Filled with songs, skits, props, and painted scrolls infusing the audience with ooohs, aaahs, cheers and laughter. We saw the wedding of a frog and a mouse. We met a girl with 26 first names called "Alphabet Pepper". And from Proferssor Interesting we learned that Babe Ruth kept a cabbage leaf under his hat to keep cool. Oh! and that slugs have four noses!

Well, they're back for Pickathon 2012! Saturday Morning Cartoons with Cardboard Songsters, see you there!


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Cardboard Songsters
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