I was borned in a place they call Stringer, Mississippi. My daddy was Indian. He used to take a pocket knife and play the guitar with it. I had 6 brothers and 7 sisters and they all played music. We used to hold fish fries, picnics, breakdowns, square dances, bluegrass, serenading, grab your partner doe-see-doe, and all that stuff! I can play mandolin, banja, piano, fiddle, bass fiddle, harmonica, drums, and all the rest. When I was little we moved over to a place near Moss Hill. I started out as a kid playing guitar on the streets for tips. I got baptized in a creek where one man dipped your head underwater, and another man held the snakes back. When I was 14 I left home to drive spikes on the Pontchartrain rail. In 1955 I decided to carry on west and got work as a maintenance man at a place they called the Motoaurant in Arizona. In 1964 I went north to Joliet, Illinois, where I worked for 37 years, driving trucks all over, running a tow truck, and doing mechanic work. I made California, Alaska, and all the rest, but I came back to my home in Misssissippi 10 years ago. People call my phone round the clock, asking for guitar lessons and records but mostly I write a lot of letters.

Until next time, from a friend to a friend,

L.C. Ulmer -- Ellisville, Mississippi 2011


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L. C. Ulmer
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L. C. Ulmer
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