AUGUST 1, 2, 3 . 2014 . Happy Valley, Oregon



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LISTEN Summertime
LISTEN Compass Comforts
Originally a one-man band, Lonnie Walker evolved from the solo spirit of Brian Corum into a collection of friends bound by their shared passion for music and visual art. After years of honing their sound while playing house shows and DIY spaces in Greenville, NC - Lonnie Walker garnered local support from classmates and peers immediately. Through the additions of Eric Hill, Justin Flythe, Raymond Finn, and Josh Bridgers; Lonnie Walker's music has evolved through their many ever-sharpening performances. Their chemistry resonates through their most recent recorded works unlike anything the band has turned in to date. Their blend of rootsy americana and dance party punk-rock has proven effective in its sound, leaving you with a sense that this is a band moving towards a broad horizon ... READ MORE


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