AUGUST 1, 2, 3 . 2014 . Happy Valley, Oregon



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How does time work anyway? Did you know that 2008 is as much yesterday as yesterday is? 2008, that was when it began - a sweat young thing boiling up out of the mythical swamps of ooze and grooves. Ty Segall was just getting started, his need to rock was ordering itself into existence. Now it's just four years later, a mereness in terms of evolution, and already, there are singles everywhere, plus a couple comps, a live album and mostly, five swinging, smashing studio albums paving the way for this modern superhighway you're gonna call Twins!



Ty's a dog, he can't walk backwards and go back and be the manimal who made those old records. That's why we thank the gods of pressings plants and sleeve fabricating facilities for preserving those revolutions


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