AUGUST 1, 2, 3 . 2014 . Happy Valley, Oregon



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WATCH The Ceiling
WATCH Mean Maybe
LISTEN In Our World
WATCH Young Men Of Promise
WATCH Beneath The Reach Of Light
LISTEN The Honest Ocean
Yellowbirds is the moniker for the latest musical exploits of guitarist/songwriter/vocalist Sam Cohen, also known for his work in the psychedelic collective Apollo Sunshine. Cohen grew up in Houston, Texas, and while the Texas of his teens may have been home to Big Oil, Enron, the Bush family, and the drab grey Astros jerseys of the 90s, he prefers to think of it as the Texas of yore, home to: Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, the Space Program, and rainbow orange Astros jerseys.



It stands to reason, then, that his current home of New York City must be the mythical Empire City: Rocky Mountains of architecture, epicenter of modern art, home to Charles Mingus and The Velvet Underground. It was with these timeless inspirations in mind that Sam Cohen created Yellowbirds


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