AUGUST 1, 2, 3 . 2014 . Happy Valley, Oregon



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LISTEN Under A Cloud Shaped Like A Tomb
LISTEN The Peaks
LISTEN Navy Parade - Escape From The Black River Bluffs
LISTEN So So Freely
AgesandAges is not a cult. Sure, the seven-piece Portland group exudes enough electric joy that it feels like a big tent revival. And sure, one finds oneself using church words to describe the band's sound: a powerful, life-affirming and exploratory blend of lessons learned, set ablaze with a buoyant, unbridled optimism. And yeah, there are frequent lyrical references to voluntary seclusion, communal living and an existence "under the radar" littered throughout the band's debut, Alright, You Restless.


But amidst all this talk of willful isolation comes an element of the band that is hard to overlook: AgesandAges invites you into its ranks. In live performance, as gorgeous vocal harmonies rise victoriously to refuse the skepticism and irony that terrorize our daily lives, the venue becomes the commune, and the audience is given an opportunity to lower its guard


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