AUGUST 1, 2, 3 . 2014 . Happy Valley, Oregon



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LISTEN Another Day Again
LISTEN Tell Her What I Said
LISTEN Ten More Songs
LISTEN Another Year Again
Bands get worse over time; it’s an immutable law. Not THE SADIES. After a dozen years and eight (or is it nine?) albums (excluding their collaborations with Andre Williams, Neko Case et al.) The Sadies just get better and better. And with Darker Circles they’ve made their strongest and most fully realized work to date. It’s tempting to write that the band has ‘matured’, but in rockcritspeak that’s usually code for ‘old, tired and boring’—which they are not. The Sadies can still out-sing, out-pick and out-rock anyone out there, but there’s a new depth to their songwriting now, a process they began to perfect on 2007’s New Seasons but which has blossomed here in spectacular fashion.


As the title suggests, Darker Circles is a more somber, soul searching affair than its predecessor


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