2014 Disclaimer / Parking and Ticket Transfer Notes

***** IMPORTANT ** For those thinking of buying "Car Camping Lot Weekend Parking" or "Camp Near Your Car Weekend Parking" passes:
In years past some people were frustrated that they spent extra money on a "premium" car pass and didn't get the kind of camping space or location they wanted. Last year we implemented a new plan based on that feedback that greatly improved the situation, but still the same risk remains. So, PLEASE consider this before you buy a pass. If you require extra elbow room, privacy or a sanctuary from noise please consider camping deep in the woods. Or, you can even consider one of the many local hotel options and utilize the shuttle services that are currently available.
If you do buy one of these types of passes please be reasonable with how much space you take up in this area. If you're camping with others make sure those tents are reasonably close together. Small shade structures are fine but we discourage large structures that can take up a perfectly good camping spot.

Q: What's the difference between a "Camp Near Your Car Weekend Parking" pass and "Car Camping Lot Weekend Parking" pass?
A: A "Camp Near Your Car Weekend Parking" pass means your car is close to the car camping area but not IN the car camping area. The first 100 spots in the overflow parking lot, directly adjacent to the car camping area are reserved for these pass holders. You park at that location, then walk into the Car Camping area when you can put up your tents. Upon arrival these pass holders will be given two tent tags which must be made visible on each tent. Any tent that does not have a tag will have to move out of the car camping area.
A "Car Camping Lot Weekend Parking" pass allows people to park inside the car camping area. "Car Camping Lot Weekend Parking" pass holders will be given two tents tag.

Q: Will I receive physical tickets or vehicle passes in the mail?
A: No. Everything relating to tickets and vehicle passes happens via email. Once you place an order and receive a "Confirmation" email all you need to do is bring the confirmation code indicated on the email and your ID to the front gate and we will give you your wristbands and/or vehicle passes.

Q: My "Confirmation" email hasn't arrived - what should I do?
A: Depending on the volume of ticket orders it may take up to four days to receive your Confirmation email. If you have not received a Confirmation email after four days please email us at tickets@pickathon.com as there may be a problem with your order.

Q: I want to buy tickets for somebody else. What should I do?
A: The name on the Confirmation email has to match the ID of the person collecting the wristbands and/or vehicle passes at the front gate. If you want to purchase for somebody else, fill in the first part of ticket process (before you hit the PayPal part) with the name and email address of the person who should receive the ticket(s) or vehicle pass then fill in the PayPal section with your own payment info. It would be helpful if you made a note that you are doing this in the PayPal "comments" section.

Q: I just bought tickets for my myself and friend but we're not arriving at the festival at the same time. Can I split the order so she can pick up her wristbands later?
A: This is possible but we highly discourage it. We will only do this for special cases. Our ticket system is not built to split orders like this and it takes a lot of work to make this happen. Our suggestion for this situation is to have one person meet the other at the front gate and distribute the wristbands and /or vehicle passes.

Q: How do I sell or transfer my tickets / vehicle pass to someone else?

A: Here's the process for selling or transferring (please note the deadline):

Whomever acquires your ticket needs to contact us via email at tickets@pickathon.com and provide ALL of the following information:
1. The original confirmation code (this should include the last name of the original purchaser followed by a number - eg: #Jones987654321)
2. The sellers first and last name.
3. The buyer's full name and email address.
4. Indicate if the whole order is being transferred or list just the specific transferred items (ex: "I am buying one of the four tickets on this order").
5. Please write TRANSFER in the subject of the email.
We will mark the original ticket as transferred in our system and issue a new confirmation email that includes the new persons name and address.

TICKET TRANSFER DEADLINE: If you want to transfer or sell your tickets to another person you must let us know by midnight on Thursday, July 31st, 2014. Contact tickets@pickathon.com

Q: Does Pickathon issue refunds?
A: NO. All sales are final.