Aug 4-7

1939 Ensemble
1939 Ensemble

At the crossroads where Tortoise meets Merzbow and Milt Jackson meets Slint – this is where you will find 1939 Ensemble. 1939 Ensemble doesn’t just cross genres, they both embrace and exploit them, inviting each listener in through the familiar, and then leaving them with something new to explore.

1939 Ensemble is José Medeles, David Coniglio, Josh Thomas, and Knate Carter.

LA WEEKLY: “exciting blend of Krautrockian moto-drive, avant jazz and screechy no-wave noise”

SPIN: “Rhythmic might and chiming tones are blackened by occasional swells of noise, giving the entire thing a compelling dynamism”

PITCHFORK: “industrial art deco with no more than a vibraphone, constrained feedback, and the inexorable motion of multiple percussionists”

BEAT JAZZ: “a swirling mix of electronic noises, vintage drums, trumpet and vibraphone. the trio’s sound is layered into a mass of jazzy, post-rock beauty, one beat-driven note at a time”

PORTLAND MERCURY: “their engaging experimentalism transcends the shackles of free jazz, infusing elements of gritty lounge, post-punk ethereal chimes and tone”. “A propulsive sound that skillfully straddled the worlds of post-rock and avant jazz”

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