Aug 4-7

Chef Johanna & Chef Jed of Gather Around Nutrition
Chef Johanna & Chef Jed of Gather Around Nutrition

Gather Around Nutrition is a healing foods business based out of Portland, OR founded by holistic nutritionists and chefs Johanna Glaser & Jed Thaggard. We offer therapeutic personal chef services, postpartum meal delivery, event & retreat catering, and in-home cooking classes. At Gather Around Nutrition, we believe in investing in our local food economy. That’s why we partner with local farmers, sustainable ranchers, native fisherfolk and food producers to bring you the best of what Portland has to offer! As a team of nutritionists, health is always on our mind. We love to introduce people to seasonal eating by featuring local, farm-fresh produce in all of our meals. We choose to cook exclusively with healthy oils, natural sweeteners, and food that is free of additives & preservatives. We strive to be as low-waste and plastic-free as possible by offering all of our meals delivered in reusable glass containers.

Chef Johanna is a holistic nutritionist, personal chef, urban farmer, and community educator with a passion for local, sustainable, and seasonal foods. Johanna is passionate about creating simple nourishing dishes featuring fresh produce from local farms and seasonal wild foods.

Chef Jed is a holistic nutritionist, therapeutic chef and folk herbalist based out of Portland, OR. Jed believes in harnessing the healing power of plants as a first-line therapeutic approach.


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