Aug 4-7

Daniel Norgren
Daniel Norgren

Daniel Norgren debuted in 2006 with Kerosene Dreams, an album recorded on his collection of homemade instruments.


Now in August 2016, ten years later, he will be doing his first appearence in the U.S, at Pickathon. In between, he’s been touring all over Europe, and has released six more albums of which two were released in 2015 and earned him two Swedish Grammy nominations. When ”Alabursy” which was entirely recorded on a 4 track cassette recorder came out in April last year, it was praised in the European press and showed an artist with an extremely authentic approach to his music. Alabursy has been described as archaic and minimalistic, with Daniel’s beautiful high pitched voice on top of just atmosphere, accordions and pianos.
Six months later came ”The Green Stone”, which confirmed him as one of Sweden’s most talented songwriters. Largely written and recorded on his collection of rare home organs ”The Green Stone” was repeatedly referred to in press as ”music written during the middle of the night”.


Daniel’s mantra seems to read ”DIY”, which permeates everything that comes out of this man. He and a friend started and run their own record label and recording studio, and they are even their own Swedish bookers.
He was touring Europe for several years as a duo with his faithful bass player Anders Grahn and himself singing, playing the guitar and drums. In 2014 he got off the homemade drums and got himself a guitar strap and a ”real” drummer.


Now the 6.6 feet Swede is to Pickathon with his band for his awaited U.S debut.


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