Aug 4-7

David Bragger & Susan Platz
David Bragger & Susan Platz

David Bragger and Susan Platz conjure the mysteries of the old, weird America through their hypnotic twin fiddling and banjo-fiddle duets. Archaic, trance-inducing bow rhythms and melodies become enveloped in a wash of drone and harmony when the duo invokes the echoes of America’s early, forgotten folk music.

“There’s twin fiddling, and then there’s David Bragger and Susan Platz. Their music really reaches into that space where two instruments become one and draws you right in with it. Their debut CD, King’s Lament, is one of the most sonorous and rhythmically locked-in sets of tunes you’ll hear.”  -Bruce Molsky

“Bragger and Platz’s contrapuntal, droney playing winds through crooked, mysterious, and deeply groovy, minimalist jams that are just as likely to get you dancing as trancing. Hypnotic, and not a cowboy hat in sight.” -Dusted Magazine

David Bragger is a Los Angeles-based old-time musician and founder of today’s premier old-time record label Old-Time Tiki Parlour Recordings. David was an itinerant street magician, collector of South Asian folk tales and filmmaker before heading down the old-time music path. After inheriting his great-uncle’s fiddle, his obsession for old-time began. Following years of study with his mentors Mel Durham and Tom Sauber and visiting old-time musicians including Dan Gellert, Charlie Acuff, Benton Flippen, Clyde Davenport and Joe Thompson, David has become a go-to-guru for learning old-time fiddle and banjo. David is also the Old-Time String Band Ensemble director at the UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology. In addition to teaching old-time music, he documents the greatest living old-time musicians for future generations through his critically-acclaimed label.

Susan Platz, originally from Illinois, became a permanent member of the David’s old-time string band Sausage Grinder after years of studying fiddle with him. Her bowing rhythms and harmonies fit hand in glove with David’s fiddle and banjo. She is also a tremendously powerful singer whose is known to yodel on occasion. After experimenting with double fiddle arrangements for several years, Susan and David just recorded the very first American old-time double fiddle album: King’s Lament–Old-Time Fiddle Duets.

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