Aug 4-7

Digital Pour
Digital Pour

DigitalPour is an innovative app that’ll give you a real time look at what’s being poured at Pickathon. You can download the app for free HERE and check it out now to discover local breweries near you. But at Pickathon, you’ll be able to check in with each bar not only to see the menu of drinks, but also to see exactly how much is left in each keg! That’s right, if your favorite drink is running out, you’ll see that and you can run to pour more. You’ll also be able to search using a whole range of filters. Do you want to know every IPA at Pickathon? Search for it! Curious about our cider selection? No problem! Wanna go deep and find out which beer has the highest ABV? We’ve got you! DigitalPour’s a great way to dial in your favorites and try new drinks at Pickathon this year!

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