Aug 4-7

Garcia Peoples
Garcia Peoples

Garcia Peoples psychedelic sextet is a dynamic document growing out of the northeast. Their modal, muscular jams tend to careen through several different movements in a single song. Layers of loops, dreamy harmonies, droning tones, and cascading guitars, all contribute to their shape-shifting compositions that contain hints of American musics from hard-bop jazz to laurel canyon harmonies and nineties alternative rock. Driven and sharp, as on “Feel So Great,” the destructive opener on their last LP Natural Facts, or sympathetic improvisers as on the title track of their 45-minute A-side One Step Behind, Garcia People’s create panoramas incorporating every other genre into that format -NRBQ’s genre defiant wit, the windmill guitar kerang and manic energy of The Who, gear head rock geniuses The Cars on the crest of new-wave, Pavement’s dada-poetic wit. Garcia Peoples dedication to happy accidents down unknown live avenues will make them a must see at Pickathon.

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