Aug 4-7

Imagine Live
Imagine Live

From top left: Becky Braunstein, Jacob Morehead, Jason Potter, Amanda Trudell, Ryan Stroud, Brianna Barrett.

Curated by Jason Potter of Affable Gentlemen, the Lucky Barn will host a storytelling series at 11:00pm on Friday.

Storytelling is a timeless human tradition. Stories have the power to form unique human connections that break cultural barriers and bridge divides with unparalleled intimacy and immediacy. We’ve assembled some of the Pacific Northwest’s finest storytellers to tell true tales about being out of their element and out of their comfort zones.

Imagine Live will include the unique voices of:
Amanda Trudell (of Affable Gentlemen and Urban Tellers)
Becky Braunstein (nominated best comedian in Portland)
Brianna Barrett (of Portland Storytellers’ Guild and voted Portland’s Best Storyteller of 2016)
Jacob Morehead (of Affable Gentlemen), and
Ryan Stroud (of Mystery Box and founder of CommuniTalks)

These talented bards will be sharing their hilarious and touching personal narratives with topics ranging from coming of age, to facing your fears, to finding your tribe, to being covered in chicken goo. These are the stories we tell our friends when we need to laugh, vent, or reach out and know that we are not alone. We hope you’ll join us on Friday night!

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