Aug 4-7


The shift is so subtle and unassuming, you may never notice it happens. But 42 minutes into Lambchop’s fourteenth studio album—the disarming but intimate confessional called This (is what I wanted to tell you)— Kurt Wagner steps forward, his voice newly unadorned. With the AutoTune gild of recent Lambchop records momentarily leached away, his voice is as open and honest as the acoustic guitar and lonesome harmonica that traipse beneath it. The feelings practically pour between the cracks of his stunning baritone, raw for the first time in years. “If I gave you a hundred dollars to record just three words/I could make the perfect song,” he sings, the vulnerability of both voice and verse becoming an emotional revelation as he curls aspirationally around that final phrase. The finale of This, “Flower” is a moment of hope wrought from a static state of quiet hell, a little request for a vow of love before we all cry or drink ourselves to death. This is what he wanted to tell you, plain and simple and pure.


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