Aug 4-7

Michael Nau
Michael Nau

Pickathon is pleased to welcome Michael Nau once again to Happy Valley. His band’s blissed out, baroque-folk is the sonic equivalent of a summer day at Pickathon. Explorative, handmade, and adventurous. As one of the founding members of Cotton Jones, Nau explored the intersection of meditative pop, country music, and psychedelica. His solo projects further his examinations of roots music into 60s am radio, soul, and dub. Using unorthodox recording techniques, with an emphasis on improvisation in the studio, Nau’s latest, Less Ready To Go, is a reflection of the indie-dream this lucid expert is able to dip back into year after year to produce alluring albums. Nau’s newest dreams are percussive, synth heavy, cheery songs, built on his his rickety, woozy rhythms.

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