Aug 4-7

Mr. Wriff
Mr. Wriff

Cosmic traveler, interpretive guide and music selector of only the trippiest out-there sounds, Mr. Wriff specializes in harvesting 60s and 70s-era psychedelic sonics from around the globe for your listening pleasure.

Having been raised on a steady diet of counter-culture detritus, Mr. Wriff weaves a freaky kaleidoscope of deep-synth groovers and heavy-beat rhythms, transmitted periodically through to the wonders of modern satellite radio.  You can catch him every now and again on Aquarium Drunkard’s SIRIUS/XM weekly radio show (Wednesdays, 7pm PST) and also find his ongoing mixtape projects, including his internationally-focused, regional deep-dive Good Trip mixes on

His forthcoming syndicated radio program, Altered State, mines rare-earth vinyl gems for those looking to astral-trip beyond the familiar into interstellar expanse of the unknown.  In need of a mood alteration? Come get wavy with your psychedelic shaman, Mr. Wriff.

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