Aug 4-7

Quiet Life
Quiet Life

Quiet Life made their latest album over the course of a few humid mid-summer weeks in Dr. Dog’s Mt. Slippery studio in Philadelphia with zero air conditioning and with no time constraints. The sessions with producer Scott McMicken (Dr. Dog) and engineer Nathan Sabatino would blur the lines of day and night; resulting in a 24/7 operation across Mt. Slippery’s multiple live-rooms and mixing consoles. What emerged from the murk of this studio schedule is FOGGY, a record that has as many sonic traits as the band has miles on their tour van. Quiet Life enlisted an old friend, Greg Giorgio (The National, Trey Anastasio), to give the record a final mix and clarity that belies it’s name. Spanning lo-fi folk, Americana and psychedelic pop, Quiet Life has made a record that is as ageless as the sound of the predecessors to whom they credit inspiration. Rolling Stone has called the band “charming”, CMT has described their sound as having “oceanside swagger” and Esquire touts them as “comfortably authentic”. FOGGY is an easy-going collection of songs that defines the band as a purveyor of classic rock and roll sounds, and as a successor to rock and roll staples, who have managed to create a sound unmistakably their own.

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