Aug 4-7

Inflatabill sculptures | Quail Trail - Pickathon 2016
Inflatabill sculptures | Quail Trail - Pickathon 2016

Pickathon welcomes spoken word! We are thrilled to present Spoken Live, a new program showcasing the work of intrepid writers, poets, and performance artists in Portland and beyond. The format is simple – six artists on the Woods Stage – but the work is extraordinary. Curated by Shayla Lawson, this remarkable roster includes Stephanie Adams Santos, Trevino L. Brings Plenty, Anis Mojgani, The Oceanographers, Coleman Stevenson, and Julia Tillinghast.

Join us Saturday, August 5, 9:30-10:40am at the Woods Stage!

Stephanie Adams-Santos is the author of Swarm Queen’s Crown (Fathom Books, 2016) and the founder of Tarot Obscuro.

Trevino L. Brings Plenty is a poet, musician, and multi-media video artist who lives, works, and writes in Portland, OR.

New Orleans born Anis Mojgani is the author of 4 books, and a national and international Poetry Slam champion.

Portland artist and writer Coleman Stevenson is the author of two poetry collections, Breakfast (2015) and The Accidental Rarefication of Pattern #5609 (2012), and is the designer of the Dark Exact Tarot Deck.

Julia Clare Tillinghast is a poet, translator, and teacher from Michigan.

The Oceanographers (poetry: Shayla Lawson, music: Sean Sanford and Justin Wade) are dedicated to the ocean, Frank Ocean, and the similarty between breakbeats and heartbreak.

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