Aug 4-7

Trickbag Record Party
Trickbag Record Party

Trickbag Record Party has been spinning 45s at Seattle’s finest destinations offering turntables and beer for over a decade. Miss Lilli and DJ Daddy Rollin Stoned team up with a decidedly eclectic and unpretentious approach. Trickbag Record Party spins an intoxicating array of 45s … pre-wave, doo-wop, new wave, funk, post-wave, honky-tonk, no wave, proto-punk, disco, garage rock, post-punk, jazz, blues, greaser-rock, bossa nova, freak beat, exotica, cheesy vocals and greasy instros, Latin boogaloo, surf, ’70s FM radio hits, power pop, bubblegum, songs about weed, psychedelia, girl group, yacht rock, NOLA soul, blue-eyed soul, brown-eyed soul…all kindsa SOUL!
All cool- all spun with luv!

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