Aug 2-5

Photo by Liz Devine
Starlight Series: Huun-Huur-Tu

Today’s premiere features a new episode from the Starlight Series, presented by The Portland Mercury and The Stranger. The following is from an article by Ned Lannaman for The Portland Mercury: […]Today’s video is pretty special, featuring Tuvan band Huun-Huur-Tu, who incorporate traditional Tuvan and Mongolian instruments with the trademark Tuvan throat singing. Huun-Huur-Tu was […]

On The Farm Series: J Mascis

J Mascis stepped off the radar for a bit, out to a secluded portion of the farm to share an acoustic “Little Fury Things” for our On The Farm sessions. Watch this once-in-a-lifetime footage of the man, the legend, himself. On The Farm Series features a new video every 2nd Thursday of the month. Check […]

Treeline Series: Black Milk & Nat Turner

This month’s Treeline Series debut features close to 6 minutes of Black Milk & Nat Turner’s electrifying Saturday night performance. These guys lit up the stage during the mid-summer golden hour with a tightly knit band and high-impact lyrical rap. It’s any wonder that actual stage lighting was even needed during their set. This episode […]

Galaxy Barn Series: A-WA

As we learned from Aaron Ross during his set intro, A-WA means yes in Arabic. For those of you who got to see these talented ladies at the Galaxy Barn, you know that A-WA actually meant big, huge, humongous YES at the festival. What’s more, they are every bit as charming and lovely offstage as […]

Mt. Hood Series: Priests

Priests brought truckloads of energy to every one of their sets at the festival this past August. And they also showed up with a healthy amount of costume inspiration (did someone say awesome red 80’s prom dress?!). The latest episodeĀ from the Mt. Hood Series features Priests and their dynamic performance in the heat of the […]

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