Aug 2-5

Photo by Liz Devine
Premiere: Galaxy Barn Series feat. Ex-Cult

Today, we’ve got Ex-Cult with “Nightmare Zone” at the Galaxy Barn for some proper rebellious Friday vibes. The Galaxy Barn Series is presented by Noisey and features a new episode every 2nd Friday of the month through July 2018.

On The Farm with Julia Jacklin

It’s hard to believe this song by Julia Jacklin includes the word, “lead,” in it. Because there’s nothing lead-like about her voice nor her songwriting. Not that it’s all light and flaky, but the Australian singer-songwriter strikes a delicate balance between light and darkness, heaviness and hope. Better yet, just listen for yourself. Plus, another […]

NEW: Lucky Barn Series with Kaia Kater

Kaia Kater wrote this sweet homage to her grandmother, “Saint Elizabeth.” Afterward, in true Lucky Barn fashion, Kaia shares about her musical background and journey via an interview with Devon Leger of Hearth Music.

Mic Capes in the (Pump)House!

Mic Capes dropped in to the Pumphouse last August to drop this track, “No More” along with DJ and producer, Drae Slapz. The song talks about Mic’s dreams for success, but the entire album and scope of Mic’s work is focused on maintaining positivity, hope and ambition. A few weeks after the festival in late […]

Early Bird tickets SOLD OUT

Thanksgiving may still be a few weeks away, but there’s no time like the present to give thanks! (See what we did there?) Thanks to you early birds out there for your support as we prepare for our 20th birthday bash! And many thanks to each of you- our friends, family, and community-at-large- for helping […]

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