Aug 1-4

Curation Lineup: Your Guide to Farm-to-Table Eats & Beats
2023 Pickathon, Saturday happy hour Curation event performer Madison McFerrin. Photo by Rob Kerr @robkerr6
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Curation Lineup: Your Guide to Farm-to-Table Eats & Beats
Curation Lineup

Unveil a secret haven nestled beneath a vibrant canopy, where a cascading stream sets the soundtrack for your arrival at Pickathon’s Curation 2024. This exclusive escape elevates your festival experience with an intimate setting unlike any other, and our 2024 Curation Lineup is next level!

Curation access is a special perk reserved for holders of Weekend Pickathon Passes or the specific Pickathon Day Pass for the day the curation meal is happening.

As you enter this beautiful woodland oasis, a Pickathon DJ weaves a tapestry of sound with their curated vinyl selections, setting the mood for an unforgettable evening. Refreshing beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, await to quench your thirst and spark conversation among friends.

Soon, you’ll be invited to take your seats for a culinary journey. Savor a multi-course feast designed for the occasion, each dish a masterpiece crafted by a hand-picked Portland culinary powerhouse. These farm-to-table creations will tantalize your taste buds as you prepare for the next act.

Following this exquisite prelude, a captivating 30-minute performance by a talented artist takes center stage. Their music, perfectly paired with the preceding feast, will leave you mesmerized.

But the indulgence doesn’t end there. After the artist’s final note, linger and savor the moment under the enchanting canopy. Mingle with fellow guests, reminisce about the performance, and soak in the unique atmosphere before heading back to the vibrant energy of the main festival.

2024 Curation Lineup:


Dinner: August 2nd 7:30pm-9:00pm


Brunch: August 3rd 10:00am-11:30am

Happy Hour: August 3rd 4pm-5:30pm

Dinner: August 3rd 7:30pm-9:00pm

Curation Lineup


Brunch: August 4th 10:00am-11:30am

Don’t miss this opportunity for an unforgettable experience with a one-of-a-kind Curation Lineup! Get your Curation tickets today!

Sneak Peek at Curation Neighborhood!

Beyond providing a cool, welcome respite under a canopy of trees, Curation aims to bring a refined culinary experience back to the farm table, paired with a local chef and musical artist(s). Furthermore, this year’s design team, in collaboration with Jen Rich of Rich Earth Designs, is creating spaces for gathering that make you feel as cozy as your grandma’s porch. Additionally, for those who choose a dinnertime experience, the gradual transformation into a warmly lit woodland dance floor will make leaving the hardest part of the evening.

Watch the video for a sneak peek at the Curation Neighborhood 2024 at Pickathon and join us for the 2024 Curation Lineup!

Pickathon Curation Wine Partner

In 2002 Patrick started Dominio IV wines. Leigh was skeptical but filled with the elixir of youth and agreed to the naïve affair of the winery and vineyard. After hopping fences for several years with shovel in hand to see if the soil were excellent “grape land”, Patrick found Three Sleeps Vineyard on a 3×5 note card at the corner store and soon planted Leigh’s parents, Liz and Glenn Bartholomew, at the vineyard in Mosier, Oregon.

In 2016, with the partnership of family friend Scott Burg, Patrick embarked on a great journey in Carlton, Oregon on “the Farm”. Supported by the help of Leigh in the vineyard, long-time Associate Winemaker Ryan Kelly-Burnett in the cellar, and a wonderful team in the tasting room, Patrick is blessed.

Enjoying the people and culture of wine has made for a rewarding 25 plus vintages for Patrick focusing on terroir expressing wines and unique small lots. In his free time, Patrick coaches and plays soccer, hikes, skis, paints, gardens and hangs out with his wife, Leigh and two boys, Finigan and Quincy.

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