Aug 3-6

Music, Arts, & Culture Lineups Guide!
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Music, Arts, & Culture Lineups Guide!

When we talk about Pickathon as an Experiential Music Festival, that means every year we program a bunch of lineups that go WAY beyond Music. We develop a wide spread of different Lineups at Pickathon that bring art, culture, comedy, lit, food, drinks, wellness, and more to the festival so that no matter where you go, you’re bound to encounter with which to connect. Here’s a quick guide to Pickathon’s Many Lineups!


Pickathon is famous for curating breakout bands across all genres! It’s an engine of discovery that introduces us to bands before they win Grammys, headline national festivals, or earn a place in your best artist list.


Aubrey Janelle

For Pickathon, sustainability is one of our core values. We’ve pioneered so many different ways for a music festival to be environmentally sustainable, but we also want Pickathon to keep our lives sustainable as well! Pickathon’s Wellness programs are a key way to provide sustainability programs for the mental, physical, and spiritual health of everyone going to Pickathon!


Each year at Pickathon, the grounds of Pendarvis Farm are seeded with fantastic forms. Neon-lit apparitions and hidden creatures stalk the night, and during the day festival goers are encouraged to interact with a host of Art Installations to delight the mind. Curated by Portland artist and lighting designer Jean Margaret Thomas, each year the visual art at Pickathon is a wonderland that makes the festival truly one-of-a-kind.


Fridays and Saturdays Evenings at Pickathon’s Lucky Barn are for the laughs! We bring together some of the best rising Comedians each year for a raucous night of stand-up comedy. It’s a Pickathon tradition that’s seen the rise of comics like Kyle Kinane, Ian Karmel, Amy Miller, and more! This year, Portland’s own Shain Brenden has curated our comedy lineup. Shain’s been a key part of Pickathon’s Comedy programming for a bit and it’s awesome to have him taking the reigns. Shain’s a fixture of the PDX Comedy scene, a husband, father, and military veteran who uses his life experiences and knack for storytelling to paint a picture of a man ‘just trying his best with what he has.’


Curation is a separately ticketed experience at Pickathon that pairs some of the best chefs in Portland with festival artists, vinyl DJs, and mixologists. Curation explores a nexus of creativity when innovative minds come together to experiment! It’s a journey through art, culture, food, and love.


The best part about Pickathon is discovering something new and special, and every year we’re coming up with awesome new experiences tucked into the woods at Pendarvis Farm! For a little while now we had been featuring some of the best DJs in the Northwest and beyond. These DJs are real-deal vinyl connoisseurs and every DJ spinning at Pickathon is spinning new and vintage vinyl records. And vinyl from all genres of music! We’re talking older reggae and dancehall, Cumbia and Latin dance music, and lots of the sounds we love at Pickathon like country and soul. The intimacy and warmth of vinyl is the perfect fit for Pickathon’s aesthetic!


Pickathon is for the kids! We have so much programming for families, in fact, that we’ve almost booked an entire kids-first festival inside the grounds of Pickathon!  Last year, our Family-focused Coyote Neighborhood, in the woods above Cherry Hill, was a huge hit. Kids of all ages gathered for exclusive performances from our Family Music Lineup and fun family activities, and we’re bringing this back in 2023! Beloved Portland “independent” performers Red Yarn and Mr. Ben have curated Coyote and we’re happy to announce this year’s lineup of music and fun!


Every year we scour the Portland area for the best up-and-coming chefs, restaurants, and food trucks, looking for fantastic Food to share with everyone at Pickathon! Suppose you’ve ever stood in line for biscuits and coffee in the morning at Pickathon or kicked back with a full poke bowl while watching the Paddock stage, or tracked down a late-night snack to eat under the stars while trancing out to music. In that case, you know that Pickathon and food go together like, well, peanut butter and jelly. We’re super happy to announce our Pickathon 2023 Food Lineup. You’ll see some returning favorites and some new surprises as well and if this list doesn’t get your mouth watering, nothing will! Plan to bring your appetite to Pendarvis Farm this August!


The power of the spoken word is strong at Pickathon for Lit Sunday, August 6! From internationally acclaimed poets to powerful storytellers to a popular podcast, to author readings, the Lit Sunday Lineup will delight your mind and expand your horizons. Here’s what we have in store for you!


We’re excited to announce a whole lineup of Craft Vendors at Pickathon! We’ve scoured the maker’s markets, craft fairs, and vendor venues of Portland and beyond to bring you some really great crafters for all your shopping desires at Pickathon this year!


A cold drink in a Pickathon stainless steel reusable pint cup on a hot day. This is the quintessential Pickathon experience, and this year we’re proud to bring a whole host of Beverage options to the festival. From national brands to indie brewers to craft cocktails to homebrewed coffee to crisp cider to powerful spirits to bubbly kombucha and a brand new non-alcoholic drinks station, we’ve got a whole world of libations to tickle your fancy!

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