Aug 4-7

What to Bring
Photo by Miri Stebivka
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What to Bring

Please check our ticket page for information about our camping packages. It is possible for you to bring next to nothing if you’re so inclined. Otherwise, if you’re camping for the weekend we recommend that you bring the following:

The Essentials

Sleeping bag
Comfortable walking / hiking shoes (that will probably get dusty)
Clothes for hot days and cool nights
A towel if you want to shower (you can also rent towels)
Sun screen
Water Bottle (water is free and readily available)

Your ID if you’re 21 or older.



Low back lawn chair
Blanket to sit on


A day pack
A wagon of some sort to carry your gear to and from your car to your camp site.
Small shade structure for your camp site (please be reasonable with the size of the shade structure)
Campsite snacks
Cell phone charger (there’s an onsite charging station)

If you’re coming for the day we recommend that you bring the following:


Comfortable walking / hiking shoes (that will probably get dusty)
Layers for hot days and cool nights

ATM’s and Credit Cards

There are 5 ATM’s on site. Nearly all vendors as well as our merchandise area accept credit cards.

Food and Beverages

While you can bring your own food we would HIGHLY recommend sampling the veritable cornucopia of the finest food and adult beverage vendors in Oregon.

What You Can’t Bring

Absolutely no pets are allowed.

No Outside Alcohol (beer, wine, liquor, etc) will be allowed in the camping areas and venues at Pendarvis Farm. Vehicles will be checked upon entry and these items will be confiscated.

No fires of any kind (including candles), fireworks, or firearms allowed. You can use camp stoves, but please be very careful.

Within the main stage area blankets and low back chairs can only be left all weekend in designated areas. Other areas will be designated blanket free. If you do leave a blanket or chair in the main area it is assumed to be public space so that others can respectively use it while you are not there, and you can hopefully be neighborly when you return to figure out what is possible for continued sharing.

No portable shade structures will be allowed anywhere in the main venue bowl.

Please be reasonable with the footprint of your camp. No palaces please.

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