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Thursday March 1, 2007

For those of us living in the Northwestern U.S. we are not only amongst the very fortunate for such great land and weather…but also for the amazingly close proximity to the main-vein of North and South Interstate Travel – the I-5. Any given day in the calendar year you will have the great privileged of motoring amongst not only truckers moving goods and products, but also a surprising amount of traveling Road-Worn Tunesmiths, Songcrafters, Songwriters, Composers, Musicians.
Portland is lucky for its accessibility and vibrant eclectic music based communities, and as Luck would have it…this weekend we are a fortunate bunch and get the good graces of the only Langhorne Slim know of this kind.
Saturday :March 3 @ Lewis and Clark College
615 SW Palatine Hill Road
Portland, OR 97219

7:30PM Doors
Its All-Ages…and FREE.
See this band live…consider it time well spent.
Here are a couple videos for that much needed multi-media fix:

“In The Midnight” from Langhornes last full-length : When the Sun’s Gone Down.

“Slim Pickins” Live @ the Knitting Factory in NYC (2006)
**There is a “Warning” on this one, As nice as Langhorne seems….he does use the “F” word from time to time…apologies in advance if offended….but it is only once.

…Tonight Langhorne and Band are in San Francisco @ the Rickshaw Shop as part of 2007 Noise Pop. Langhrone Slim reaches out across several “genre” type groupings : He is Folk, He Rocks, He has a very lively set. For both the young and the old. The bands last release entitled “Engine EP” on V2 Records shows in just a few songs the strength of this young fellows lyrical depth and ability to tell life’s odd-mix of true stories. A take on our modern reality, a snippet of existence in time. Langhorne is just good regular music, easy to like and interesting enough to keep up with.

Know the name Langhorne Slim…he will be famous.

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