Aug 1-4

Trampled By Turtles Hurdles Into the ‘What is Bluegrass Debate?’
Wednesday July 25, 2007

The age old debate about ‘What is Bluegrass?’ is a favorite past time for many die hard Bluegrass fans and will no doubt continue long into the future.

Enter Trampled by Turtles, whose self proclaimed original ‘Rock and Roll’ inspired songs, are played with a straight up Bluegrass instrumentation, but is it Traditonal Bluegrass?

Probably not, as they themselves declare, but Pickathon welcomes them anyways, as we come down on the side that by in large the ‘What is Bluegrass’ debate is moot to most music fans and instead the soul of the music is most important.

On this point, common ground can be reached by all, as Trampled By Turtle combines energy and dynamics into a musical story that they deliver with passion every time they play.

Enough of what we think. Here is a video of Trampled By Turtles telling in their own words where they are coming from.

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