Aug 1-4

Langhorne on Letterman …Tonight!
Wednesday March 26, 2008

I suppose that it doesn’t need to be menioned that Langhorne, Paul, and Malachi are three bad dudes.. We already know that right? Well, one more affirmation as to why Langhorne Slim is headed to the top, tonights appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. In support of their upcoming release “Langhorne Slim” due out 4/19 on Kemado Records. Well it’s about time, considering they were due about a year ago, prior to then label V2 imploding…or as they say “restructuring”.
Letterman is not the only chum to get Langhorne in the coming months, in fact when looking at the schedule you will notice lots of shows from now until…well, Pickathon. Which I need to say will blow the roof off the Galaxy Barn, and anyone who was there last year…knows exactly what i am talking about. We are expecting great things. If really needing your fix earlier that August – go to the Doug Fir on 5/17 and the Tractor Tavern on 5/19. Anyway – check them out as often as possible, these dudes have plenty to go around.

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