Aug 1-4

Pickathon Newsletter + 2007 Videos!
Friday March 28, 2008

I would like to redirect your attention to the monthly Pickathon Newsletter, coming by way of the Pickathon E-List. For anyone reading this and not on said list, I strongly urge you to drop what you are doing and join the club. Not only do you get monthly reminders of what’s going on, but you also get to be the FIRST to know on topics including, but not limited to: Tickets (early ticket specials start here), lineup additions, merchandise specials, venue/travel/accommodation info, sustainability info, vendor info…and the list just goes on and on. Check it out!..and for crying out loud sign up! (easily done by looking up and to the right on the Pickathon homepage). Here’s the link to view the latest: March Pickathon Newsletter.
And… We have begun to process our video footage from the 2007 festival thanks to the folks at Portland Community Media, who not only provide equipment and production facilities, but also a great team of volunteers who stand steady show after show to capture all the great footage. And WE are lucky enough to relive this magic with a simple visit to or (it’s like youtube only different).
Well, here’s to the first of many.
Chatham County Line – Born To Be With You

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