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The Next Generation.
Monday March 24, 2008

Like any other sort of history, folk music has spanned several layers of time. Being 2008 and the onslaught of technology I feel for many it is difficult to absorb and find the pick of the litter. Many have even gone as far as to say that folk music is dead and never again will we be moved (we being society) like we have in the past (ie. 60’s-70’s). I beg to differ, and feel that if looking hard enough you can find (with ease) exactly what you are searching for. I did, and her name is Jessica Lea Mayfield, she comes from upstate Ohio, and is a powerfully young 18 years of age. Her first recording was from when she was 15 years old. Imagine that for a minute, while you and I were out trying to get rides to the mall, Jessica was writing about heartbreak and other complexities of everyday life. Not at all typical early teen behavior. is a new song, Jessica Lea Mayfield – Bible Days
Wait there’s more!
Jessica is currently on a huge spring tour with the ‘widely famous’ Avett Brothers – from the east to the west…and back again to the east. If you are wise and an avid lover of music you will take this opportunity to see them both under the same lid on one or more of these dates. We will see them on 4/10 @ the Crystal Ballroom, a show that Pickathon is promoting, and is very proud to see returning to our fair city.

Both the Avett Brothers photo (at 2007 Pickathon) and Jessica Lea Mayfield video are from our friends @ Crackerfarm.

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