Aug 1-4

Early-Birds Tickets end May 15…this Thursday!
Monday May 12, 2008

Everybody’s favorite, the Early-Bird.
A great ticket at a great price….but not for long. This Thursday, May 15 we are officially heading in the direction of the “Pre-Gate” weekend Tickets – which weigh in at a slim $110. Now don’t get discouraged, it is only $15 that you save when purchasing before then, and even at $110 the deal is still perfectly clear. Alongside the “Pre-Gates” we are also putting up the “Day-Tickets” for all of our Day-Trippers out there. Busy week of tickets and schedules ahead, and ideally we have all three days and all 6 stages planned out before the end of May. And!…if you want a REALLY GOOD DEAL, purchase a Pickers Package – arrive early, get a t-shirt, a c.d., and a poster! So much to be said about the tickets, and we appreciate everyone so far that will be joining us…it is definitely going to be a big year.

O.K., so enough about tickets – lets watch a video.
Here we have the Cave Singers, a nice trio from Seattle, WA. Throughout the Northwest and all over the indie map we have been hearing a lot about these fellas. Debut record on Matador, and having a big year so far. We are excited to have them, and look forward to the snake dance. See for yourself.
The Cave Singers – Dancing on Our Graves

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