Aug 1-4

Tickets for 2008.
Thursday June 19, 2008

In the past we have had Pickathon Tickets at local outlets (KBOO and Music Millennium) – which we understand was great for folks not wanting to order tickets via the internet..
Well, this year we are unable to offer those physical outlets due to the need for keeping an up-to-date, accurate count on our current stock that is available. As we have sold-out of our ever-so-popular RV passes, and now being so close on our Car Camping passes (only 5 left this morning), we have made the decision to keep all tickets on-line. Also, being that this may be the first year of having a very small number of tickets available at the gate, we feel it necessary to push the idea of on-line sales to anyone who wants to consider making it out to the big 10th Annual (that’s a decade folks!).
So, please consider our friendly and fashionable on-line sales – our fees are incredibly low (only $2.59 an order to cover shipping and processing), which I would argue is the slimmest ticket surcharge known to man….
If…on-line tickets are an impossible concept for you, for whatever the reason – please email and we can discuss ways to help work it out.
Thanks!…and we’ve only got 42 more days to wait.
In the meantime…enjoy the beauty of Chatham County Line, who without a doubt are one of the freshest bands to surface in the otherwise usual world of bluegrass music.
Chatham County Line – Chip of a Star

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